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Private Medical Insurance

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Private Medical Insurance

We believe every person should have access to excellent medical care. Although a price cannot be put on peace of mind for yourself and your family members we aim to bring you the most affordable private medical insurance that's bespoke to your situation.We understand that every person is different; every individual needs varying degrees of insurance depending on their family situation, health condition or stage of life. This is why our bespoke private medical insurance covers all you need it to along with some added extras that ensure you are always in the safest of hands.

It's Your Private Medical Insurance

Alongside our very competitive plans, we cut through the jargon to bring you unrivalled advice that highlights exactly what you need. We don't wrap you up in red tape, we bring you simple private medical insurance that works, so when you need private medical care, you're in doubt to your eligibility.

Private Medical Insurance for the Whole Family

We have private medical insurance plans for the entire family making it easier for you to secure cover for the ones you love. You can adapt the cover to each individual family member, which means, every member receives insurance that is completely bespoke.

A Wide Range of Options and Choice

We like to keep our private medical insurance simple but we also believe you deserve choice. This is why we don't just offer our own plans; we bring you the best deals from the best private medical insurers online and offline.

Extra Rewards for Choosing Us

When you choose your private medical insurance through Money-Mate, you'll instantly benefit from our multiple rewards such as credit to your account or cash back (depending on the cover you choose). This makes your private medical insurance even more affordable and puts the usually unreachable five star products in your hands.

What's Covered?

The first question you'll probably ask is What's Covered in my Private Medical Insurance? Money-Mate Medical makes this answer simple.

Private medical insurance covers you for the cost of new conditions, treatments or diseases you may need or be diagnosed with after the purchase of your plan.

All plans can be completely tailored to your family and your needs and so we also have options for cover if you're suffering from a chronic illness too.

Choose your preferred provider and plan to see the wide range of options available.

Hospital Cover

If you find yourself in hospital, you'll be relived to learn that private medical insurance can cover you for the following:

  • Private hospital stays, as an inpatient or outpatient (as long as the hospital is listed on the providers approved private hospital list – you can receive upto £150 per night it if isn't)
  • Unlimited costs of specialists covered every year
  • The full cost of any surgery regardless of the amount of operations you need in a year
  • Full cover for Surgeons, Anaesthetists, diagnostic tests and scans
  • Hospital stays covered in full for a single parent if a child is admitted to hospital
  • £100 per night for a parent to stay in a nearby hotel if a hospital stay isn’t available.

As an Out Patient You Receive:

  • Full cost of scans and tests covered after a specialist referral
  • £50 every time you visit an NHS hospital as an outpatient for tests.

If you name an Under 14 on Your Plan You Will receive:

  • Speech therapy sessions x 6 with a GP referral
  • Laser treatment for birthmarks on the face
  • A free treatment for pinning back ears
  • Expert telephone advice from approved paediatricians

Even More Cover Includes:

  • Ambulance transport
  • Up to £2000 per year if you have chemotherapy
  • Access to expensive medication not available on the NHS
  • Expert medical support 24/7 online or over the phone
  • £50 cash payments when you receive free NHS treatments
  • Oral and dental surgery covered in full

Choose your private medical insurance plan now and start your cover today. You have a 14 day cooling off period after the purchase of your plan as standard.

Buy Your Personal Private Medical Insurance Now.

The Enhanced Standard personal health Plan with The 6 Week Buffer

Find out more about the 6 week option that means if the NHS cannot treat you as an inpatient or outpatient within 6 weeks from your referral, you are completely covered under private care.

This can be part of a standard personal health plan to reduce costs and that brings you incredible cancer coverage and puts your mind at rest while you receive treatments in comfort.

Find out more now.

Excess Options

Unlike other insurance products excess for private medical insurance is only paid once per year and not per claim. So decide on the excess level you wish to pay to help reduce your overall cost and for unlimited use of your policy every year.

Out Patient Options

Our plans are completely bespoke to you, and so we tailor your cover to ensure you have everything you need for your peace of mind and comfort. Our additional extras cover you for many scenarios plus the outpatient add-ons detailed below. There are two outpatient choices to be made.

Standard Out-patient Option
  • Receive upto 3 specialist consultations a year
  • Enjoy no annual limits on practitioner fees when referred like dieticians, nurses, orthoptists and speech therapists
  • No limit on diagnostic tests when you are referred
Full Out-patient Option
  • Unlimited specialist consultations
  • Unlimited clinical practitioner fees when referred
  • Unlimited diagnostic tests when referred


Add 10 sessions or unlimited treatments as an outpatient by natural therapist including:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors

Extended Extra Cover

All fees for treatment will be paid in full while you receive up to £500 per year for GP consultations.

Dental and Optical

Be covered for Dental and optical treatments with cashback benefits such as:

  • Upto £300 per year back
  • Up to £140 per year for contact lenses or glasses
  • Upto £25 for eye tests

Mental Health Cover

Up to £20,000 cover for specialist care for psychological treatment or psychiatry specialist appointments.

World Wide Travel Cover

Add a travel insurance option at the same time as taking our private healthcare and have both insurances under one roof. You and your family shall receive all the usual travel insurance benefits and medical benefits no matter what country you travel to.

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