Money-Mate’s share, earn, enjoy, approach is a whole new concept in how you pay and save on average monthly bills. What you thought until now was too good to be true is potentially really big savings for everyone, the more of us who switch to Money-Mate for general utilities and insurances.

We want to give back what has been taken from you for so many years by energy, insurance and telecoms companies and now Lord Chumley has found a way to make it happen! We get that you have some questions about how this works. We’ve tried to answer some of your questions, but if you have a question you can’t see here, just leave a message for Lord Chumley’s Money-Mates and they’ll get back to you very quickly.

Money-Mate are not just giving away as a gimmick to switch people, or paying lip service to customer care. We’re just giving back money we think is only fair. We share the benefits of the savings we make from bulk purchasing of services from those suppliers on your everyday list of bills to pay. The savings we make mean we can reward you for your loyalty.

As a way to thank you, you earn money back from purchasing all your utilities and insurances from us.. Without you, we would not be anyone’s Money-Mate! We believe in being fairer than our competitors because after all, you’re generous enough to tell others about us, meaning we all benefit! So why not ‘Share, Earn, Enjoy’ the benefits together?

Lord Chumley and Buddy are best friends. Their friendship symbolises all we’re trying to do with Money-Mate. We want to look after your interests as our friend like Buddy for Lord Chumley, while being generous with our cash, as Lord Chumley is. Their friendship reflects the trusting, lasting and happy relationship we want you to have with Money-Mate. The longer you stay with Money-Mate, the more you will benefit; it’s as simple as that! We will always look out for your interests.

Money-Mate is different because we want to make your everyday average cost of bills disappear by helping you to understand how customer loyalty should really work! You benefit from coming to Lord Chumley as his Money-Mate, for your products via his simple approach of ‘Share, Earn, Enjoy’. Sharing benefits is a friendlier approach to supplying services and products.

We’re fair, upfront and honest about the services you receive. We will always reward our friends who stay with us and are friendly enough to tell others about how they too can earn rewards from finding their own Money-Mate (That’s you!). We can afford to be generous; your previous suppliers could do the same if they really wanted to, but they only care about their own profits, rather than helping their customers save! That’s not how we roll!

Being professional can also mean being generous and gregarious too. We are not stuffy. We like putting the fun back into the ordinary stuff of life by sharing benefits more and making life that bit easier. We want to reward those that are loyal and welcome new people too. We believe in giving something back to those who need a friendly helping hand with their monthly cost of bills.

We’ve made it easy to switch energy companies, insurance providers and telecoms services. It’s really quick and simple for householders and businesses. We know just how boring it is to deal with your renewals, so we take the stress and hassle of switching suppliers off your hands!

Your unique sharing code is your key to save money on your average monthly bills. Share this, with as many people as you can by writing it down for them, emailing it and sharing on social media. Encourage them to sign up to Money-Mate by telling them that they can save money on the cost of bills too. Then watch the money in your account increase!

Money-Mate makes it easier for you to share how you are making savings with us with social media, so you can save even more; be sure to start sharing your unique sharing code via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email. The more people who buy products using your unique sharing code, the more you save by earning discounts up to the value of their monthly premium, which is then credited to your account (except energy, where you earn a fixed bonus). Finally, sit back and watch your account credits mount and your bills reduce as more people become Money-Mates. Simply, share, earn, enjoy!

We value our customers. Showing you we mean it by putting our money where our mouth is, is our way of saying thank you! Remember, there’s more where that came from by encouraging others to switch to Money-Mate too!

Most big energy suppliers, telecoms, broadband and internet providers and insurance companies are greedy. They keep profits from their services and products to themselves and don’t share so many benefits with customers. They could easily copy what we’re doing but their ‘my-money’ mind-set won’t let them. Money-Mate is all about us making money together.

The person that signed up after you was given your code by us because they didn’t have one to use. Your personal details will remain anonymous to them, but it shows you how paying bills can even work for you, when you tell others. So sharing your sharing code means you also receive credit equal to their monthly premium into your Money-Mate account too, for every product and service they purchase.

Yes. Just keep sharing your unique sharing code with others to encourage them to be friends of Money-Mate too and watch your average monthly bills fall steadily. The more products you purchase via Money-Mate, the more discounts there are available to you.

How? See our next FAQ on how to share, earn and enjoy!

The more services and products you buy from Money-Mate the more we reward your loyalty. Then, if you just keep sharing your unique code and story, others will see the benefits of being with Money-Mate too. When they register with us, you both benefit from earning discounts up to the value of their monthly premium for each of their products and services, which is credited into your account and for each time they renew. (If domestic customers sign up for energy with your sharing code, you earn a fixed bonus).

Whenever you share your unique Money-Mate code with someone and they purchase a product from Lord Chumley, as he/she is your friend, Lord Chumley will be crediting your account up to the value of their monthly premium (i.e. we will on his behalf, as he has a life of leisure and just likes to be generous with his money!) If your friend or family signs up as a domestic energy user, you earn a small thank you fixed bonus, as we do not earn commissions from these suppliers.

As you carry over earnings from introducing people with your code, you start to appreciate the benefits of having more ‘Money-Mates’ and reducing your bills year on year.

Just to top it off, your personal Money-Mate profile page lets you to share your code through multiple platforms and manage all your products, services and credit in once place - all to save you the hassle of having to find cheaper and better deals year on year. So go out and enjoy yourself doing what you like best, or if you prefer just put your feet up.

If you look at your Dashboard/My Profile, where all your Money-Mate details are stored, you will see in the bottom right corner, details of your earnings through referrals. Some payments have a time-lag with them, to protect everyone being able to continue earning. Some people may cancel an account with a new supplier after earning their bonuses, just so they can collect these. Money-Mate in some cases may not get paid by suppliers for up to a year, so we mark this as ‘pending credit’; i.e. when we are paid, you will be too. Fair? Your earnings are divided between ‘pending credit’ and ‘transferrable credit’. Your transferrable credit can be transferred to your bank account immediately by selecting the credit option and providing your account details where you wish to have this money transferred (allowing 1-3 working days for administration).

However, if you wait until your renewal date, these can be transferred to discount your next year’s bills and you can see exactly how much you are saving with this system. This not only proves to you it is worth sticking with your Money-Mate, Lord Chumley, you can also prove to your friends and family it is worth doing so too. Why not take a screen-shot of your account at the end of the year and share your savings with others who might want to save the same way too?

No, when your mate repeats their loyalty to Money-Mate by way of renewals, you’ll get credit again to the value of their premium!

Also, don’t forget you earn credit for all products and services your Money-Mate purchases.

We suggest letting your earnings stack up until the end of contracts, so you can then discount the following year’s bills and show others why Money-Mate is a fairer supplier of products and services because Lord Chumley looks after his friends!

No. We hate forms too, so you only fill in your personal details; the rest is generally only a single page of multiple choice questions.

For bespoke cases businesses will need to send a copy of their previous bill or policy for us to review and provide quotes.

If you choose additional products through us, your personal details will be prefilled for further services, so you don’t have to repeat yourself. We want you to enjoy a great relationship with us, so we contact previous suppliers for you and organise your switch over so it’s hassle free for you. If you have any issues, you only need to come to the same contact each time, rather than speaking to someone different every time you call.

Once you’ve selected your answers to our quick questions it takes less than 3 seconds. Quotes stand for up to 30 days in your account’s profile page, or until your contract expiry date depending on the product and service.

No. Your quote will appear online. You will be invited to call only if further details are needed for special circumstances. We will not share your details with other companies without your express permission. (Domestic energy and insurance customers will have their contact details shared with their supplier, of course! They then share those contract details with us to upload to your profile page for you to easily manage your bills).

It appears on the web page in front of you. It will be stored for up to 30 days or for the term of your contract.

No matter which supplier you choose for services via us, your details are stored securely with Money-Mate. We do not share your details with third parties, without your consent (except domestic energy supply and insurance customers). You can keep your energy, mobile phone, home insurance, business insurance and telecoms all together in one place and manage all your monthly insurance, telecoms and utility bills from one screen. We will upload your energy supply details, once we receive this information from your supplier, if you are a domestic customer).

Please register your business on our business section. We have some great rewards for you AND your clients or customers, so your bottom line will see the benefit year on year. We will conduct a full review of your current energy, telecoms and insurances to ensure we can help you achieve the best savings for the future that meet with your business objectives.

Lord Chumley has many years’ experience in effective brokering that gets the best results for clients. Our strong connections with the energy, telecoms and insurance providers mean that we can get issues ironed out quickly for you. Your Money-Mate account manager will work with you to get the best deals available when you are renewing your services and insurance products. When you save money, you are happy, so we are too, because that means you will be loyal to us and we all benefit.

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